Content marketing


Content marketing

Digital contacts are more fleeting, therefor we experience that 5 – 7 consultations are required in order to gain the confidence that a purchase is required. In any contact moment you need to share meaningful high quality content, (story telling, business casus).


We can help you creating & promoting valuable and successful content, to tell a logical story, focus at a selected theme and or write down a business case. Sharing more applicable and well designed content, will certainly lead to more valuable relationships, which will ultimately, convert into well defined sales leads.

We are keen to help you with:
  • writing qualified blogs (400-600 words)
  • article interviews (2 pager) or
  • join our workshop for writing your own blogs
For the reason that video or illustrations for e.g. story telling convert 4 to 6 times higher then blogs or articles, we’re really happy to build a mutual show case and improve your customer engagement cycle and boost results.


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