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Get the core message of your company clearer


Video messaging & positioning

In this digital area where almost everybody is using digital channels for their communication, it’s not easy to stand. We are here to help you and achieve the best results for you. It’s our specialism to support our customers with really distinctive and triggering engagement messaging design. To help you share this knowledge , we therefore execute special messaging- workshops.


Based on a “ discovery & positioning workshop”, we are happy to advise and teach you, to design a smart commercial message clearly and provide a direction and method for your sales organization.

We use separate types of messaging goals, you can think of:
  • Brand messaging
  • Thought leadership messaging
  • Product messaging
  • Target group messaging (connection & conversion)
Usually our clients start with two smart workshops to get the core message of the company clearer.

Video messaging:

Every organisation is unique. The way how you communicate your unique features (DNA), is not always easy and it does not always hit the customer.


Explainer videos have shown to increase conversion rates with over 64%* and video is predicted to account for 82% of internet traffic by 2021.


Based on these challenging figures, we are really happy to support you with several supportive professional video designs (30sec. or more) to be able to tell your story right and boost your campaign results within the same shot!:

  • Whiteboard video’s
  • Explainer video’s
  • Customer 2d/3d video’s

“Have you tried animated explainer videos as a part of your sales process?”

Explainer Video’s with live images and / or animation are a major asset for business marketing.

These video’s delivers much better engagement, sharing, and SEO momentum with its unique ability to cut through the digital noise!



We help companies create their video marketing messages for the world and get the optimum response!


We only want the best, so we’ve set-up an exclusive partnership with a video specialist – Expansion video’s.


An example of a video which we created for a US client, where they wanted to showcase their customer-case.

Do you have an awesome idea’s that need to be explained to realise the best customer interaction?


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