Sales Discovery & Go-to-market plan

Strategy & Plan


Sales Discovery & GTM plan

It’s not always easy to bring a product / services to a fast moving and competitive market and increase developing new customers and market share. Based on survey – 69% of the customer decision cycle is made digitally.
To define a successful market approach, we start with a 60 minutes discovery session, an in-depth structured brainstorm session.  Based on our proven methodes, we will create a go-to-market plan together, which supports an effective market approach and reaching your business goals.

It includes a brief business plan outlining:

  • Identify the buying centre (on avg. 6,8 decision makers per sale) & personas.
  • Map a value matrix & messaging strategy to each persona.
  • Understand your buyer’s journey.
  • Pick a sales strategy.
  • Generate interest.
  • Create messaging & content.
  • Optimize process & results.
  • All managed in our Cloud applications!


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