How to Use Video for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Videos are powerful tools that have become an essential component of many sales and marketing campaigns. Business have come to understand the value of video and its effectiveness in building brand awareness and trust to increase sales and revenue.

Throughout each stage of the sales funnel, videos can convey information and evoke emotional responses like no other medium can.

To take advantage of video marketing and reduce video production cost, use the sales funnel concept to tailor video content and messaging to buyers’ stage in their purchase-decision journey. Doing so improves the chances of conversion—and increases sales and revenue.

The goal is to guide potential buyers from the top of the funnel, where initial video ads and videos are first viewed that expose the potential buyer to your products or services, to the bottom of the funnel, where sales and purchases of those products or services are made.

Top of the Sales Funnel Videos for Business Digital Marketing

At the top of the sales funnel, you introduce your business and your brand. There is only one chance to make that first impression. The first exposure to your business must be dynamic and impactful, making people aware of ways to resolve problems and challenges, some of which they may not even realize they need to have solved. The goal of video content at this stage is to educate your audience, inform them of products or services you provide, and to inspire them to seek more information.

This is a chance to introduce your company in the best light and establish trust and loyalty from the start. It is important that this introductory video content include the company name, branding elements, and a clear explanation of the products and services you provide.

Top-of-Funnel Videos

Corporate/Branding Videos

Branding videos are designed to expose your company to the market. Corporate videos allow you to control the message and shape your brand’s image in a way that builds trust and presents your business in a positive light. This type of video can raise awareness of your brand and what it represents.

Educational Videos

Teach prospective customers about your business and industry in a way that sets you up as the leading expert in the field. Educating consumers about your business and industry will organically create connection and loyalty. Marketing videos are meant to capture attention, but they should also provide substantive information that will make viewers feel they have learned something about your industry and what you do.

Explainer Animations

Animation catches viewers’ eyes instantly and draws their attention to the message and information being presented. Using animation for videos at the top of the sales funnel takes the sales edge off of the content, creating a lighter, more casual approach to educating consumers about your company. Animated explainer videos engage the viewer while presenting solutions to problems and demonstrating how and why your product or service is the one to trust.

Lifestyle Videos

The most important goal of marketing videos at the top of the sales funnel is to connect with the audience and allow them to picture your product or service in use at their business. Get personal by showing real-life situations and how your business is the best answer for the questions and struggles in their business lives. Appealing to emotions in this way will get viewers invested in your message and the solutions your brand provides.

Problem/Solution Videos

Present a problem and show how the solutions your company provides. Problem/solution videos at the top of the sales funnel should concentrate on the problem, issue, or question at hand. Draw them in by showing you understand and care about their issues and present your solution at the end to pique their interest and leave them wanting to hear more.

Middle-of-the-Funnel Videos

Buyers who have moved on to the middle section of the sales funnel have expressed interest but are not yet ready to commit. With their problems defined and the solutions you provide clearly established, video content in the middle of the sales funnel is an opportunity to present the specific ways you have answers to their problems.

Dive deeper into the benefits and features to get viewers invested in your offerings. Pique their interest by offering trials or promotions with real value designed to sample your product or service with little or no cost to them.

Widen the scope of your reach and educate prospective customers by producing multiple videos at this stage with multiple topics and areas of your business to provide a more comprehensive look at your company and build up confidence and comfort in your company and offerings.

Examples of Middle-of-the-Funnel Videos

Instructional/How-To Videos

Assume that those in the middle of the funnel have basic knowledge about your product and service, and they are seriously considering making a purchase. Showing them how to optimize your product or service will prepare them to become customers: They will already know how to use your product or service when the decision is made.

Product Videos

This is your chance to show off your product and to focus those in the middle of the sales funnel on the deeper benefits and features. Show them how you do what you do and why you do it. Grab the viewers with humor or statistics, get specific, and provide information to prove you are the best choice for their needs and preferences.

Tips and Tricks Videos

Show viewers how to get the most out of your product or service by providing what seems like inside information to give them an advantage by using what you are offering. Connect in a way that builds trust and lets them know their value to your brand.

Bottom-of-the-Funnel Videos

Those who have made it this far into the process are ready to make a decision. Marketing videos at the bottom of the sales funnel should guide buyers toward the final step of the decision-making process by making the definitive case for your product or service.

Reinforce the benefits and features that make you stand out among the competition and why you are the best choice to solve their problems. Addressing common questions about your business and the services you provide will give this audience the information they need to make an informed decision.

Examples of Bottom-of-the-Funnel Videos

Case Studies

Videos outlining case studies are ideal for the bottom of the sales funnel, where buyers make their purchasing decisions. Highlighting real cases from real customers or clients will build up a trust in your brand by showing they are not alone and that you have previously solved the problems they have. Case study videos are powerful tools that connect with future customers who can picture themselves in the same situation.

Demonstration Videos

Immerse viewers into your product with a demonstration to show exactly how it works, what to expect, and how it will benefit them. Demonstration videos are used to continue to build trust in your brand and give consumers confidence in the product or service you provide.

Testimonial Videos

Like case study videos, testimonials take the sales pitch out of your hands and into those of satisfied customers who share their positive experiences. Prospective customers can see themselves in current or former customers who had the same types of issues or problems they are experiencing—which your company solved.

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